Our Philosophy

Unaffected, open, young, active and fresh.  These are the words that best describe the expression of New Zealand creativity that essenze constantly searches for.  We have deliberately curated our works to continue this narrative.  Our increasing insight into the landscape and culture of New Zealand drives our relentless pursuit of its expression through the many artistic networks we maintain.



Using the word ‘design’ in isolation is too narrow to describe our business.  We believe that design is inseparably connected to the processes of art and craft - art as a source of expression, and craft as in the shaping of materials.  All of the artefacts in the essenze collection result from a mix of all three processes.

essenze seeks to carefully curate the collection and to communicate the stories of the designers and their passion for their work.  We work with some of the most talented and inspirational characters from around the country, with workmanship that is refined, resourceful, sleek and surprising. Their “New Zealandness” arises from our culture and history, the use of local materials and the inspiration derived from the unique landscape – water, light, earth – our landscapes and in particular our forests.


The visual landscape at essenze is therefore of great variety, providing objects of desire, products for contemporary or classic interior, such as lighting or furniture. We can assist you in curating a look that defines you, while connecting you to this part of the world.

We are proud sponsors of the The Designers Institute 2013-14, supporting the talent and creativity of the New Zealand design community.

Essenze, as part of the Finewood Group, has been formally acessed by International Certifications and found to comply with the requirements with Eco Warranty : 2010 Environmental Management Systems, focusing on innovation and green growth strategies.


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