Koru Reptile

Beatrice Carlson


Beatrice Carlson


A vibrant koru print, which on closer inspection reveals the texture and patterns of a reptiles tail. A new digital print on acrylic by Auckland based artist Beatrice Carlson.

It is a limited edition of 5.


Width Height Depth
20 mm3/4 in 1300 mm51 & 1/4 in 850 mm33 & 1/4 in


Please enquire about different prints and framing options.
Beatrice Carlson is an Auckland based New Media Artist originally from France.

Over the last decade Beatrice has been refining her digital based works as a proper painting technique. She says that the gesture is the same, as she uses a graphic palette with a pen like a brush. Her hand moves in a fluid, spontaneous
way embracing the space of the screen, her canvas.
Beatrice's work always starts with a photo, but she usually works with up to six to complete an image. She states 'It starts always with a photograph that will tell me a story. Then, the image will inspire me to work on a direction and I will start painting, blending with another image to complete the story.

She won the Pacific section at the 2012 Wearable Art Awards with her design “Marquise Rawahi.”