Piwaiwaka Print

Shane Hansen


Shane Hansen


A beautiful limited edition screen print by Shane Hansen. The fluid design captures a dynamic sense of movement . The wood grain shows though in the neagative spaces of the print, bringing a lovely warmth to the piece.

Hansen’s poem that goes with the work:
she delicately paints my soul
with the flutter of her gentle heart
she whispers sweet nothings
i catch them with my open smile.

50 units limited edition.


Width Height Depth
620 mm24 & 1/4 in 525 mm20 & 3/4 in 10 mm1/4 in


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As shown
Shane Hansen likes a strong, clean line. He has drawn constantly for as long as he can remember, but has never indulged in intricate doodles dredged up from the dark recesses of the mind. Instead, his creations spring from a world of bold colours and optimistic clarity, a pop-art invitation to a feel-good New-Zealand celebration.

The environment Shane grew up in was rich in culture. The walls of the Hansen family home in Manurewa were covered in paintings by Shane's Grandfather and great-grandfather, both of Danish
origins and both amateur watercolourists. His mother's side of the family is a mixture of Chinese and Maori influences. Creativity seems to run deep on both sides of the family: a large proportion of Shane’s cousins have pursued careers in the arts.

Shane studied art at high school but began his professional life as a fashion designer. He then trained as a graphic designer, eventually combining these two disciplines at Fly, where he was co-founder and creative director.
But despite his appreciation for the rigours of the commercial world, the limitations imposed by clients still felt, well, limiting. So Shane decided on a less restrictive form of creative expression, one that placed him firmly in control.

He now designs his works at home, usually producing them in concentrated bursts of creativity that he fits in between time spent with his wife Kirsty and their young son Nikau.