Trio of tiles Flora

Jo Luping


Jo Luping


Set of 3 porcelain tiles in a natural gift box printed with white manuka flowers.
This beautiful collection of miniature wall art plaques can be collected and hung on the wall.
Each piece is embossed or decorated with designs that feature
botanical motifs and images of New Zealand Flora.
Each tile measures 50 x 50 x 14mm
Box measures 190 x 77 x 28mm


Length Width Height
50 mm1 & 1/4 in 14 mm1/4 in 50 mm1 & 1/4 in


other designs / colours available
paddedimage500135-002-for web
Jo Luping is considered one of the best practitioners of capturing New Zealand’s coastal and pastoral landforms and indigenous flora in a graphical medium.
She uses a variety of substrates, photographs, prints and silk screens. The muted palette is representative of her native New Zealand.
Jo’s Raglan Landscape is a vertically arranged printed triptych of panoramas featuring flax, Raupo (New Zealand’s Bulrush) and Cabbage Trees, which are large gnarled members of the lily family. This triptych captures the windswept forlorn feeling that is typical of New Zealand’s West Coast
We have recently launched our first in-house textile range, Essenze Whare. Jo’s designs feature on cushions and throws that are made from 100% New Zealand wool.