Heyday Sideboard

Chris Birch


Chris Birch


The Heyday Sideboard is beautifully handcrafted in Solid American White Ash by designer and maker Chris Birch. This piece is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, with its clean lines and classic proportions.

The use of hidden hinges makes the wood appear seamless across the front panels, while making it easy to open and close the drawers and cupboards.

This striking design works well in living room and bedroom spaces.


Length Width Height
1800 mm70 & 3/4 in 475 mm18 & 3/4 in 700 mm27 & 1/4 in


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Natural Oil and wax finish
Chris graduated Auckland University of Technology in 2005 with a Bachelor of Spatial Design with Honours. Like many in the creative fields throughout New Zealand, Chris has a energetic nature and a innovative approach to design and utilises this character to design and craft engaging products which he is truly passionate about.

He established Birchwood Design in 2007, and began designing and manufacturing his furniture and product designs. Birchwood Design offers unique and innovative designs.
As the majority of his range are both designed and crafted in house, the integration between the design and manufacturing process ensures all products are of the highest possible standard in respect of the balance between function, aesthetics and overall quality. Speaking about the design process Chris States: “I enjoy letting certain qualities of the materials speak for themselves. This creates designs which are honest and makes the best use of the individual characteristics of each material. The real allure of timber is in the level of honesty, warmth and elegance
which it portrays, attributes which are often non-existent in other materials.

It is this sense of awareness for resources that contributes to Birchwood Design’s continuing commitment to minimising the environmental impacts of their work while providing innovative, functional and attractive furniture.