Sol Stool - Ash

Duncan Rooney


Duncan Rooney


A Simple yet elegant stool for Kitchen/Bar applications, with a curved seat in solid wood and tapered legs, ensures that this stool is sturdy.

Custom heights are available to suit specific requirements.


Length Width Height
410 mm16 & 1/4 in 300 mm11 & 3/4 in 695 mm27 & 1/4 in


Custom Packaged.


Available in American Oak, American Black Walnut or American White Ash.
Duncan RooneySol Stool 1 Duncan RooneySol Stool 2 Duncan RooneySol Stool 3
Duncan Rooney is an Auckland based, designer and maker, with an empathy for solid hard wood and an appreciation for longevity, Rooney produces a collection of functional handcrafted furniture and objects.

Duncan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2007, where he focused on sculpture.
After graduating Rooney stated to investigate the possibilities of furniture making, and through largely self taught carpentry skills he began designing and developing his own range. Each piece is crafted by hand, employing traditional and modern techniques. All pieces that leave the studio are branded and hand punched with a unique number.

He works through the design process without a singular concept in mind.
Instead he approaches designing with an attitude. Each design has to be functional and honest. He states, I’m not concerned with gimmicks and fast humour, I’m concerned with producing work which is able to be used in everyday life that will last and is respectful to its materials and conception.