WSC Chair

Well Groomed Fox


Well Groomed Fox


The unique split back rest means the WSC is extraordinarily comfortable, moving and flexing with the movements of the body.

The design is visual light, but has a reassuring weight combined with minimal surface area to prevent it toppling in strong wind gusts. Making the WSC suitable for both indoor use with additional covers and outdoor use without. The WSC is finished in a corrosion resistant powder coat or is galvanised for outdoor use, these finishes are also suitable for use indoors.


Length Width Height
420 mm16 & 1/4 in 590 mm23 & 1/4 in 860 mm33 & 3/4 in


Custom packaged.


Powder Coated in Black, White, Red and Galvanised.
WSC Chair Black WSC Chair Galv WSC Chair Red
Emma Fox Derwin and Nigel Groom founded Well-Groomed-Fox in late 2008, with a focus on creating furniture, lighting and product for contemporary New Zealand living in the home/office/outdoors, in conjunction with bespoke interior spaces for both domestic and commercial clients.

Well-Groomed-Fox re-interprets archetypical product forms and ideas, to create objects and spaces that are visually minimal and tactilely rich through use of materials, forms and subtle detail.
The 2010 collection trace archetypical forms including chairs, lamps, wall-coverings, tables and ceramics, re-interpreting them for contemporary living around the themes of modernity, skin, and haptic experience.

The latest offering from the duo is the WSC (wire stacking chair), that waslaunched at Salone Satellite Milan 2010.

The WSC is a response to the inherent use duality of furniture - particularly seating - in New Zealand culture. Sofas, chairs,
stools and armchairs often migrate between the interior and exterior spaces of the home through the seasons, though the materiality and aesthetic quality of the pieces are often unsuitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The WSC addresses this through the creation of a simple stacking wire framed chair - that is created specifically to address the concerns of both indoor and outdoor use through material, functional and aesthetic considerations.