Ross Mackay


The Ocrea lamp is simply inspired by window louvres and lets the light through in a very linear way. The designer states that the simplicity of this concept is the key to this design. The light opens and closes with a simple twisting motion that is very cleverly designed. This design is striking and modern. The image shows the light closed on the left and fully open on the right.


Height Diameter
Closed 540 mm21 & 1/4 in 140 mm5 & 1/4 in
Open 540 mm21 & 1/4 in 220 mm8 & 3/4 in


Ships in custom cardboard box


Anodised Bronze or powder coated white and silver.
After deciding an engineering degree was not for him, Ross MacKay spent many hours hang-gliding above the stunning scenery of Hawkes Bay, becoming a tandem instructor which allowed him to regularly view his favourite landscape from 5000 ft in the air.

As his thoughts returned to design, Ross found inspiration in how function leads to such elegant shapes as a bird’s wing.

Working from his Cicada Works workshop, which was setup in 2002 in collaboration with David Trubridge and
William Jameson, Ross is surrounded by creative people, artists through to engineers, the trio’s first major project
was artwork, seating and lights for central Hastings which was a project for the Hastings District Council.

Continuing to work in this vein today, Ross has further developed his skills as a maker. Choosing to work with steel as a medium, Ross is now developing his own range of home interior products, including the award-winning Crocus lamp.
The Crocus lampshade resembles a flower
with the ‘leaves’ surrounding the bulb able
to be open or closed.

First released to the market in 2008, the
Crocus has already won The Best Commercial Innovative Design Award at the recent 2008 Australian International
Furniture Fair in Sydney, Australia.