Flow Light

James Russ


James Russ


Flow is a refined play with form. A visual challenge where we have turned light inside-out. Inspired by NZ’s native Spinafex as it flows along our west coast beaches, propelled by the wind so that only the very tips of the plant brush any surface. Consistent with our drive to create long lasting lights that last for generations, the Flow is solidly made from the highest quality hand welded Stainless Steel and natural timbers. When light permeates the timber it provides that amazing warm glow unique to Epsilon products. Designed in 2015 by James Russ and built to last by the gifted artisans at Epsilon.

The Flow is now available in oak timber – this beautiful finish is exclusive to essenze.


Length Width Height
760 mm29 & 1/4 in 760 mm29 & 1/4 in 200 mm7 & 3/4 in


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Also available in Carbon Fibre.
Born from a long lineage of NZ pioneers James Russ learnt from a young age that to create something purely unique you have to immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself in inspirations, ideas, materials and configurations all the while keeping a sense of direction, of purpose.

James has grown up with a deep understanding of natural New Zealand. From camping in the sand dunes of Pekapeka beach as a child, to meeting his wife on Mt Aspiring and on to diving deep below the South Pacific ocean he has an
intrinsic understanding of natural detail that he shares with others though his designs.

Studying Industrial design and then initially working as a prototype developer gave James the technical abilities to design products that perform beyond expectations. ‘It's a pretty simple recipe to make quality objects by using the best materials and processes you can to do the job’.

Nowadays James designs for clients all over the world but his primary inspiration
is always New Zealand and the immense beauty that abounds here. He will continue to immerse himself in this environment and share his discoveries with his clients.