Frangipani Medium

Joug Design


Joug Design


The beautiful array of symmetrical interlocking elements forming the soft 3D surface of the Frangipani light shade resembles an array of Frangipani flowers, hence the name.

When viewed from a distance this design appears remarkably simple, but under closer inspection you will see light shining through the centers of the petals, making them look like a glistening diamonds.

Frangipani looks stunning over a dining room table or with multiple lights in a row over a centre aisle or kitchen bench.


Diameter Height
355 mm13 & 1/4 in 250 mm9 & 3/4 in


Ships assembled


Larger and custom sizes available. Other colours available. Please enquire.
Joug Design, are a Wellington design duo, who have a passion to create minimalist objects that enhance contemporary living spaces. Their Delightful lightshade is in collaboration with one of New Zealand’s leading fashion designers, Andrea Moore, who worked the pattern, which will change seasonally.
Joug Design is Jelle Nijdam, a mechanical engineer who originally hails from South Africa. Jelle blends the technical and functional aspects of products with forms and designs he really enjoys.