Nectar - Small Half Size

Rebecca Asquith


Rebecca Asquith


Hexagonal shapes are prolific throughout nature. Most notably, these shapes are seen in the hive of the honey bee. A honeycomb cell is one of nature’s most efficient designs – there is not one unnecessary surface.

Made from lightweight felted polyester, the Nectar hanging lampshade draws its inspiration from the beehive. During the day it is a soft reminder of the beauty of nature and the amazing strength of the honeycomb structure. At night the Nectar comes alive with a warm and comforting inner glow that also highlights the craftsmanship of the shade.


Diameter Height
360 mm14 & 1/4 in 260 mm10 & 1/4 in


Ships flatpacked in box.
Self Assembly required.


Orange, Mustard, Light Grey, Dark Grey
Rebecca Asquthnectar full clay Rebecca Asquthnectar full myst Rebecca Asquthnectar full orange Rebecca Asquthnectar half clay Rebecca Asquthnectar half myst Rebecca Asquthnectar half orange Rebecca asquithnectar insitu
Rebecca Asquith produces contemporary, sustainable, furniture and lighting objects.

A former Model Maker for Weta Workshop, Rebecca has worked on a number of big budget films including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Master and Commander, Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, King Kong and also the latest Narnia film – Prince Caspian, where she produced miniatures and some props.
After many years, and long hours (as well as very toxic materials) in the film industry, Rebecca decided to follow her dream to become a designer full-time.

The Nautilus light is a sculptural light that is reminiscent of a shell found on the New Zealand foreshore.

Producing beautiful light spheres the Nautilus is available flat-packed and is made from 100% sustainable Hoop Pine wood.