Punga Light Shade 185 x 290

Christopher Metcalfe


Christopher Metcalfe


The Punga lights are a family of simple and elegant hanging pendant light shades inspired by the growth patterns found on the trunk of the native New Zealand Punga tree.

The design and use of the laser cutter results in extremely low waste of the sustainably grown Australian Hoop Pine used to manufacture the lights.

The Punga Lights can be hung individually or in clusters and provide a warm and subdued lighting effect.

Shade only - light fittings sold separately.


Diameter Height
185 mm7 & 1/4 in 290 mm11 & 1/4 in


Ships Assembled


Available in natural as shown
Shade only - light fittings sold separately.
After graduating with a bachelors of product design in 2006 Chris hasn't been sitting still.

He went out on his own and set up a company to commercialise a range of products he designed while studying and has also been working for a number of design and manufacturing companies gaining invaluable experience and skills along the way.

His passion is for simple and elegant design with a twist and he focuses on quality.
The first of his designs, the 'Arbolito' Fruit bowl is a unique object that combines quintessential Kiwi design with an elegant balance of fun and functionality.

A playful concept, ‘Arbolito’, collapses into a thin yet elegant frame when empty, but when it is filled with fruit, blossoms open, to reveal its true purpose as a fruit bowl.

His other design, the Punga light is a cylindrical pendant light inspired by the patterns on the trunk of the Punga (Ponga) tree.