Arbolito Fruit Bowl - Shadow

Christopher Metcalfe


Christopher Metcalfe


The Arbolito fruit bowl is made from a series of connected 'branches' that allow it to expand and collapse at will.

When a piece of fruit is dropped into it's centre in it's collapsed state, it springs to life, opening it's branches and fulfilling it purpose as a fruit bowl. When not in use it can just as easily be collapsed for storage or display, ready for the next piece of fruit to come it's way.

Onyx is a smoky translucent black colour.


Height Diameter
Closed 285 mm11 & 1/4 in 190 mm7 & 1/4 in
Open 170 mm6 & 3/4 in 485 mm19 in


Ships assembled in box


Available in a range of colours in polycarbonate. Also available in plywood.
After graduating with a bachelors of product design in 2006 Chris hasn't been sitting still.

He went out on his own and set up a company to commercialise a range of products he designed while studying and has also been working for a number of design and manufacturing companies gaining invaluable experience and skills along the way.

His passion is for simple and elegant design with a twist and he focuses on quality.
The first of his designs, the 'Arbolito' Fruit bowl is a unique object that combines quintessential Kiwi design with an elegant balance of fun and functionality.

A playful concept, ‘Arbolito’, collapses into a thin yet elegant frame when empty, but when it is filled with fruit, blossoms open, to reveal its true purpose as a fruit bowl.

His other design, the Punga light is a cylindrical pendant light inspired by the patterns on the trunk of the Punga (Ponga) tree.