Cloud Rug - Long

Lucy Tupu


Lucy Tupu


Lucy Tupu, our New York based New Zealand designer, was asked by essenze to develop rug design.

Lucy designed the Cloud Rugs, bringing a little bit of New Zealand into a groovy Manhattan setting.

They are tufted in the Loop tuft, random in tuft to allow the shape to be dramatic.

The round cloud is perfect for a seating area, or as a splash of colour in the centre of a room, providing comfort under foot. Hand made in New Zealand by Cronz.


Length Width Height
3700 mm145 & 3/4 in 900 mm35 & 1/4 in 30 mm1 & 1/4 in


Custom Packaging


Custom colours available, please enquire.
Lucy draws on her love of working with texture and her desire to explore and experiment with different materials to create eye-catching, and beautifully sculptural, functional pieces of furniture.

Currently based in New York, Lucy finds the city inspiring, exciting, busy, mesmerizing and overwhelming - yet Lucy is still influenced by the charm and New Zealand way of life, always referring to it as home, and her special sense of ‘place’.
In creating her work, Lucy likes to surround herself with unusual objects, and things that have a sense of mystery about them. She will often work with her objects for sometime before giving them a form.

Lucy’s Flax range made from timber and upholstery is available in a range of primary and subtle colors and features a Daybed, and ‘Cube’ Ottoman.