Crafting New Zealands Global Gallery


United by a common vision, a new alliance between Essenze and Finewood has recently been formed, confidently positioning Essenze as a market leader.


Essenze see this alliance as the perfect marriage between design, manufacture and commerce allowing designers access to global distribution through the combination of resources. With a strong collaborative vision distributed through trade only channels, a number of orders are already underway to destinations such as Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.


Essenze designers will also benefit from Finewood’s award winning expertise in digital process design and manufacture. With exports of approximately 30%, Finewood is a 36 year old second generation contract manufacturer dedicated to working with designers to bring their vision to life and their product to market. With a passion for the crystalisation of design ideas, Finewood have the ability to integrate throughout the design chain. They are well versed in the challenges and hurdles designers face and experts in overcoming them.




Christopher Metcalfe, Finewood’s Design Director is testament to this process being an Essenze designer himself. “It’s a very exciting opportunity to be a part of. I see Finewood and Essenze working together as an effective conduit for New Zealand designers to reach global markets with fully resolved products. This will enable some exciting projects that will benefit the entire New Zealand design community”, says Christopher.




Shane Hansen likes a strong, clean line. He has drawn constantly for as long as he can remember. His creations spring from a world of bold colours and optimistic clarity, a pop-art invitation to a feel-good New-Zealand celebration.




Duncan Rooney is an Auckland based designer and maker, with an empathy for solid hard wood and an appreciation for longevity. He produces handcrafted furniture and objects through the application of both modern and traditional techniques with an emphasis on a functional and honest approach.




Katy McIntyre is an Auckland based ceramicist currently crafting delicate forms that explore the translucent qualities of bone china. Originally from Golden Bay in the South Island, a place renowned for its natural beauty, it’s no wonder the natural world is an inspiration for her works. Her works are all handcrafted and no two are identical, much like the patterns in nature.


Artists and makers such as Shane, Katy and Duncan will capture the imagination of a global audience backed by the collaborative knowledge and expertise of Essenze and Finewood.


This handpicked selection of the country’s finest design talent have captured a unique sense of New Zealandness, filled with juxtapositions and interesting metaphors from the land that surrounds us. With a solid future now assured, Essenze is currently focused on continuing to nurture the story, products and creative visions of its designers while directing these opportunities through select New Zealand residential and commercial architects, interior designers and retailers.


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