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Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place you go to and the end of the day, take your shoes off and sigh in deep relief. “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” , says Christian Morgenstern.

At essenze, we believe in the evolution of the space you call home, the collection of furnishings and objects that carry deep meaning and association for you, personal treasures that make you smile. We believe that this process of evolution is gradual. Life circumstances change, reflected in furnishings and objects that represent what your current needs are or what defines you at that time. The lasting design of your environment will isolate the ‘heros’ that are truly you, that define you.

At essenze, we merely suggest what some of these heros may be.

A few weeks ago, my family and I enjoyed a dinner at friends place. They are architects, and both have impecable taste with a great sense of style. They are just renovating their house, and a huge amount of thought has gone into every single detail of the renovation. As we were sitting in the yet to be finished house, I spent a lot of time looking at the surrounding pieces that made the home theirs. Each piece was placed, looking as if it were by accident, yet each piece had a relationship to it's neighbour, and each had a story in association with its placement.

It is this kind of 'coinsidental' collection of old and new, belongings of deep meaning and subjective asthetic value that have such style and warmth to me, and make home, home.

Clare Mora (founder and GM of essenze)











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