Haute Kai - Food for the Soul

The melding of Maori and Pakeha culture has lead to the creation of some wonderful New Zealand iconic designs, much of which is on display in our showroom. 

Now, more than ever, there is a greater use in contemporary design of elements of Maori design and Maori culture. This creates great contrast, with identifiable results. Here, this fusion can be seen in rugs, furniture, applied art and even rugby balls!

Flax Cube Seating, showing above, demonstrates the blend of cultural heritage, the use of local materials  and an international application.

Lucy Tupu is the designer, and lives in Manhattan, New York. She is New Zealand born and has a strong Samoan heritage. This background and upbringing is evident in her work which draws strongly from her cultural influences.

The Flax Cube is made from renewable NZ Pinus radiata, foam and 100% New Zealand felted Wool, which is woven in Auckland by the Environ Mark Diamond accredited company Inter-Weave.

You can view the Flax Cube in our store or online now.

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