Identify Your Design

Essenze created a character identity maze as part of our Urbis Design Day Installation.

As per the homepage of the website, guests were invited to go through a series of questions in a maze on the wall, the outcome of which was a 'style' . This style name then related to a setting in the downstairs showroom, and the outcome was either fitting, hilarious, appropriate or totally enraging!


These are visuals of the settings.....


 Golden Grace: I call everyone darling because I can't remember their names....

New product launched: chaise by Evolute, glass pendant lighting hand-blown by Katie Brown and the Celestial Rug in grape by CRONZ.



 Bleached to Black: nothing to add nothing to take away, but where the %*$! is the colour....

New Product launched: A-Company table and XY+Z suit rack by well-groomed-fox, the AKU light by Studio2 and the 'box-it' Rug by CRONZ.



 Super Natural: get all the bush you can young man!

New Product launched: no, not the chicken...but they were a huge hit. Beautiful ceramic pendant lights by OKO, Clifton Rug by CRONZ.


 Retro: from here to frosted tips and back again.

Product launched: Zebrano light shades by Joug, El Toro chair by Duncan Rooney, Brunner Rug by CRONZ.



We had HUGE fun on the day. Thanks to Urbis, we had about 2,500 people through the door, with some guests hanging out for quite some time to soak up the atmosphere.

Thanks for all of you who attended and brought great vibes and great spirit with you. The maze and the settings will be up for a few more weeks, so please pop in and 'test' you style.