New Zealand by Design book launch

On a cold Sunday afternoon in Auckland, we launched Michael Smythe's new book New Zealand by Design, to a very warm reception. Essenze was a perfect venue, with many of the contemporary product designs featured in the book on display, by designers such as David Trubridge, Christopher Metcalfe, Peter Collis and many more.

Speeches followed, from Mora to Oram - Smythe was quick to pick up on the anagram! Essenze founder and GM, Clare Mora, opened the speeches, followed by the publisher from Random House. Michael Smythe then spoke about the 5 years of researching and the 2 years spent writing the book. He gave special mention to the early influential industrial designers in New Zealand, some of whom are now in their nineties and made it along to the launch. Rod Oram was the key note speaker and gave insight into the economic impact of design in the New Zealand economy, and how much more it could be achieving. He spoke about the influence organisations such as Better by Design have had on the shift in companies to implement design thinking throughout organisations. Oram concluded, with a challenge for Smythe to "start work on the next generation of his book and to launch it at essenze Shanghai in 2020!"

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