Tangle Stool

Mathematical models of ‘orderly tangles’ informed the twisting leg design of this bar stool by Auckland based studio Clark Bardsley Design. Clark used a combination of digital and handmade fabrication techniques to build the bar stool, which is produced by Essenze.

Clark trained as an Industrial designer at Victoria University in Wellington, graduating with first class honours in 2005. Since then Clark has gained a wealth of experience, beginning with reinventing the product offering at Methven tapware and showers. This was followed by a role at leading London furniture design studio PearsonLloyd, where Clark quickly joined the rank of Senior Designer. The incredible breadth of work at the studio meant Clark led projects that ranged from transport to public-realm; healthcare to high-end furniture; workplace to exhibitions. Industrial design originally appealed to Clark as it brought together his love of drawing and painting with machines and making things.

The solid pine seat is CNC machined to create the angles for the powder coated steel legs. The legs double back on themselves using a specially developed wrinkle bending process. As well as creating a surprisingly light and strong structure, the stool’s looped legs provide a comfortable resting place for feet without the need for footrests.