Tipu By David Trubridge

Tipu is the Maori word for sprout or grow, and the design by David Trubridge is inspired  by the organic and irregular patterns that reflects natures growth.  As spring is upon us, it is perfect timing to have Tipu installed at essenze.



Tipu is a large convex light that signals an exciting new direction in design development for Trubridge.  

The material has been specially developed for David Trubridge by a collaboration between two New Zealand research organisations, Biopolymer Network Limited and Scion, and is constructed using a formulation based on modified bioplastics and specially processed NZ sourced harakeke natural fibres.

Trubridge states that in this design "we are expressing our spreading awareness of, and connection to, Nature."

Tipu is currently a Finalist in the 2011 Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards.




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