urbis design day at essenze

For Urbis Design Day our brand new store came alive with some stunning installations by four of our designers. The theme, Colour New Zealand, looked at the inspiration our designers draw from colour. Through the installation you will see how colour provides an important emotional backdrop to our daily lives, and creates a sense of comfort and belonging. David Trubridge, Peter Collis, Te Rongo Kirkwood, and Anzac Tasker have all explored this theme in different mediums.



David Trubridge created the impressive 'Lilly', made from repeating elements, to form the shape of a seed pod.  This work represents the overarching idea behind his new range of designs, which is the 'Seed System'. In the seed system, all the lights come as a kit set - or, as David sees it, as a seed. Customers that purchase the lights, or 'seeds', are able to enjoy the process of assembling (watering) them themselves, and watching them grow to maturity. The environmental advantage of the seed system is that it reduces the environmental impact of shipping. As David quite rightly says, "why fill a truck with one tree, when the cost to the earth is reduced by packing in boxes of seed."

The concepts of collective composition, light, shadow, spatial relationship and colour are explored through a large group of Ovoids by Peter Collis. The Ovoids are a composite of impressions. Beyond the physical form of the thrown components is a constantly changing pastiche of associations. Arranged in a circle they explore the colour wheel, light refractions, rainbows and the circle of life itself.



Te Rongo Kirkwood's installation is inspired by the colours of the Kotere, or kingfisher. She has created feathers that capture the iridesience and movement of the bird, as it shimmers and moves gently in the breeze. Her work is made from glass, with sandblasted designs on each feather that represent her Maori heritage.



Anzac Tasker has created an impressive colour wheel inspired by the tangible qualities of the rainbow. He was inspired to mimic the true essence of colour through hue reflection and light. The piece is backed by a poem, written by his father, inspired by the concept.


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