we love wool!

At Essenze, we love wool. In fact, we have become a little bit obsessed about developing products together with designers and manufacturers that tell the story and origin of wool.

So, how do we go from this to that?

Or from here to there?

We start by understanding the raw material: what assets does wool have, where can we add value, how can our customers enjoy this material in their homes. We then research who is best suited in New Zealand to make the products we are interested in developing, and learn about the process and their capabilities. After that, we select the suitable creative language from our whanau of over 40 designers and artisans, and team them up with the manufacturer. The outcome of this relationship is a divine collection of products such as our custom made designer rugs, the Essenze Whare range of cushions and throws and the Flax Cube furniture by Lucy Tupu. 

The vision is to invite customers from all over the world to be able to enjoy New Zealand Wool, straight from the hills of Aotearoa to the apartment in New York's  Meatpacking district! Rich, sumptuous and stylish pieces providing a New Zealand identity for contemporary homes. Now that is adding value…..