Taste the kernel of fortune within the gambling opportunities through the games offered on our platform.

"Taste the kernel of fortune within the gambling opportunities through the games offered on our platform. "
Doris C McReynolds

The Secrets Behind Casino Architecture

The halls and floors have been designed to enchant you further into the game’s deep fissures of luck.

Casino Architecture Incorporates Opulence

Luxury and luck have been redefined in the casinos with the games and the architectural grandeur.

Why Are Casinos Designed the Way They Are?

Casinos are built to generate profit, and they are designed to keep gamblers engaged and glued to the seats.

Top Casinos Around


This Five Diamond Resort has a variety of features and games to offer you a strip of quality services in Nevada.

MGM Grand Casino

For a casino to provide you with maximum fun and winning opportunities, the name should be as popular as MGM.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino

This Atlantic City casino was built in 1990 and bought by Donald Trump in 1996 but closed down after 20 years.

Sun City

Everything from roulette and blackjack to progressive slot machines is offered on the bright and shining luxurious floors.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Macau’s vast land is filled with this opulent casino that offers advanced features for all the popular games.

Monte Carlo Casino

This is a gambling center located in Monaco, providing you with multiple gambling options overnight.

The Future of Casino Architecture

Casinos have shifted to the digital space by expanding to offer gamblers convenient gaming options. The architecture will soon be forgotten and superseded by web designs.

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The Best Online Casinos For Slots

New Zealand is an island country that has a diverse population. The people from here love gambling so much that traditional gambling had dominated before online gambling got introduced. New Zealand government had well managed the gambling for classic, means well. But since online got introduced, they have been strict so as restrict scammers who are out to cone nationals. They only allow online betting for websites hosted outside. Online betting has made people bet from the place of their comfort. They use their tablets and smartphones to do betting, thus making betting more accessible than before.

Before you engage in any online betting, you need to understand the following tips well. It helps to be safe and able to know anyone who is a scammer. Kindly consider the following;

1) Always make sure you read terms, and conditions-By reading will save you a lot since you will get the taxes involved. It also helps you to know how the casinos work well. In this case, if the terms seem to take advantage of you are free to look for a more favourable one.

2) Always consult whether the Casino got blacklisted before you engage in it. It is because some sites are out to scam people and cone them.

3) Always have a look at the bonuses given. Some sites may use rewards to entice you and get engaged with them but later, nothing you get. So it is good you understand how the bonuses awarded before you start

4) It is advisable to read reviews and comments when looking for the best online casino NZ so that you can understand how safe they are. By this, you can know the genuine casinos.

The following are among the best casinos in New Zealand

Jackpot City Casino

It is among the best casinos, and Digimedia Limited Casinos own it. It got established in 1998. It is compatible with android devices, windows phones, iPhone, and any tablet and desktop. Offers a welcome bonus to all players who are new of about $1500.It gives them a start to play. The Casino has over 100+ liver games, table games, and video slots that you can choose.

Signing up to this Casino, you only require inputting your name, home address, and contacting information. With this, an account is created soonest by receiving an email address with the confirmation message. Once you sign up, you have rewarded 2500 loyalty points which leads you to a bronze member. They have a 24/7 support team that is ready to assist you in case of anything. Its payout is 97.84%, and withdrawal speed takes 1-2 days. It has a maximum jackpot of 5 million. They accept cards type of visas, MasterCard, and most currencies are supported including$, SEK, Euro. They have over 3.5 million active players worldwide, and Malta Gaming Authority and Ecogra license them. Their environment of playing is so welcoming and conducive, and they hold over 630 different games.

Advantages of Jackpot Casino

-It is a perfect casino for all slot lovers since it offers 430 slots that you can work.

-They have all available and friendly customer support that is quick to action.

-They offer weekly and midweek bonuses to all active players.

-Give3 indicators for any jackpot you are about to drop.

Disadvantages of Jackpot City Casino

-Welcome bonuses can only be enjoyed by slot players

-Restrictions to most countries like Spain, South Africa, and the UK are because of the countries’ regulations.

-Jackpot city casino has a wagering requirement for those with a welcoming bonus that is very high that get afforded.

Of late, mobile has got introduced to have an alternative of instead only using a web-based platform. So you can download from the store like google play store.

Spin Casino

It is among one of the top online games available. Spin Casino got established in 1999, and the owner is Bayto ltd. It entails live dealers who are well to the point and friendly and have perfect live games. It offers 80 live table games available always and a variety of games like blackjack and roulette. It provides a bonus of $1000 once a new client signs up. They offer a casino experience from a top tier online. It offers over 700 games which include Slots, live dealer, Roulette, and Baccarat. Spin Casino uses Microgaming software. This application is compatible with android, iPhone, tablet, and desktops. Their payouts are 97.59% and a withdrawal speed of 1-2 days, the maximum jackpot of 5 million.

Spin Casino is a fully licensed Malta Gaming Authority and endorsed by eCogra, an independent auditor. ECogra has recommended all gaming casinos have a payout percentage of 95.65%, which is healthy. To sign up in spin Casino, you provide an email address, country and enter the username and password. Then you join date of birth, gender, language, and preferred currency. All this information is well protected inside Spin casino since they use SSL encryption.7


-Has no minimum withdrawal options.

-It provides a good VIP program.

-All their live dealers are professional and friendly.


-It has only lived chats that are only available when you sign.

Jonny Jackpot Casino

It has over 1000 online casino games. It got established in In2018. The games get developed by the following companies NYX, Quickspin, NetEnt, and micro gaming. Jonny Jackpot has gone through all processes to test its stability and how secure it is, and hence it got approved by eCorga. Once you sign up, they give their players a 100% match bonus and 100 free spins. The opening bonus is determined by how larger your opening deposit is. Deposits and withdrawals can get made using the following options Visa, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Instant bank, Bank transfer, Mastercard, Paysafe, and pugglepay.

Captain Spin Casino

They offer a bonus and free spins in two ways. One they give a prize of 1200 euros and 260 free spins. The other way, they give 520 free spins. To join Captain spin casino, you need to fill in your details, and immediately you can log in to your account. Once inside, you are required to open a game so that your free spin to be activated. The free spins are only limited to 7 days, so you need to utilize them within such time. The free spins can qualify to win the games compared to other online casinos, whereby they get used to familiarization with the games. The only disadvantages of withdrawing free spin are the wagering rate which demands to wager 35X times.

4 Sneaky Ways To Cheat At Slots

money from casinos

Luck is the one factor that keeps running in the casinos to help players take home all the money from casinos. Although some games are also based on skills, most sessions are driven by luck. It is this serendipity that makes these games fun, drawing more people to casinos. Hundreds of variants have been developed over the years to fill every corner of the establishments with entertainment. Regardless of the degree of fun all the games offer, slots have been the most popular option because the machines are easy to operate. These machines are equally popular for the opportunities they offer and the stakes they project. In order to elude these hampers and ensure a win, many gamblers rely on methods to cheat the system. Here are some of the sneaky tricks used by some players to beat the casino.

1. Cheat Code

Casino authorities work day in and day out to look out for cheaters. The local administrative teams are also functioning to foster a fair game. While engineers design the machines to deliver the best technical assistance, people with expertise in these areas hatch devious plans to take control over the machine. Manipulating slot games was easy for these engineering prodigies. Machines were being cheated for years by Ronald Dale Harris by gathering the source codes. The scam was discovered in 1995.

2. Shaved Coins and Fake Coins

Cheat CodePayments were registered using a light sensor in slot machines to avoid scams. However, this technology didn’t work for long as many players tried their wits on the machine. Shaved coins were sent down along with objects of the coin’s shape and size. Once this was accomplished, the shaved coin would return while the machines accepted the other object like a coin to start the game. Louis Colavecchio scammed casinos for a number of years using fake coins that resembled the coins molded by the casinos. However, he was arrested twice for the same crime.

3. Use of Magnets

One of the most common methods of cheating a slot machine is using a magnet. Almost every slot player might be aware of the existence of such a technique. However, modern-day machines cannot be manipulated using magnets since they run on computer programs. Machines made from metal could be cheated using magnets even today. Using a strong magnet after spinning the reels to stop the motion for a winning combination was the whole idea behind this technique. Although this was one of the most easily noticeable cheats, if the players are highly dexterous, they can pull it off easily.

4. Yo-Yo

Casinos-Cashless Like the magnetic technique, this is also obsolete today because of the advancement of technology. Players used to insert coins attached to a string only to pull it out once the machine triggered the game. It used to be one of the classic slot cheats, and it will forever be remembered.

The Functions of Casino Surveillance

Casino Surveillance

The importance of security is well understood when you bring the term closer to a casino. Considering the kind of activities and the number of people present in a casino at the same, they do require surveillance, and it needs to be carried in the right manner. But how do casinos take things forward, and what are the methods that they employ? Well, the functions of casino surveillance explain it all, and you can understand the same by reading the following.

Monitoring the Casino Floor

Casino FloorOne among the most obvious functions of casino surveillance is to monitor the entire floor and keep an eye on things. This is known as the chief duty of a gaming surveillance officer, and they need to carry it forward at all costs. For this purpose, they utilize audio and video equipment that help them monitor gamblers, employees, and their actions. Since it helps one identify problems and other related aspects, this particular part of the job is quite important, and we all need to understand that.

Looking Out for Potential Cheaters

Cheaters are all around the corner, and casinos are well aware of their presence. Due to that, the aspect of surveillance is carried forward with the primary intention of identifying cheaters, which in turn is carried on the basis of identifying their methods. Be it chip dumping or dice sliding, there are several ways to take things forward, and the management will be looking for such players since they are never welcomed at any casino.

Security for Cashier’s Cage

Security for Cashier's CageApart from the floor, the cashier’s cage also requires security, and it is the job of surveillance to take things forward. In order to process the same, surveillance footage will be used, and perpetrators will be identified. While the process does sound simple, it revolves around different methods, and the task needs to be given utmost importance. Due to that, surveillance is not an easy job, and anyone coming forward thinking that it is easy is out of their mind.

Identifying Advantage Players

Advantage gamblers are certain players who hold an edge over the house in one or more games. Be it Blackjack or Roulette; these players understand the trick and do the job that matters to them. Due to that, casinos are not happy with these players, and they do have the right to refuse service. Thanks to that, the surveillance team will also be on the lookout for advantage players, and the moment they spot them, they might alert security to take them out of the premises.


From monitoring the casino floor to identifying advantage players, casino surveillance covers a lot of ground, and it is essential that they do so.


Gambling Secrets Revealed By Casino Workers

Casino Workers

The world of gambling is an interesting one that fetches massive amounts of revenue and helps the industry carry on to reach greater heights of success. While the operations and various other aspects are all legal, there are a few secrets that casinos don’t want you to know. But since a few casino workers have come forward to reveal it, you need to check it out and understand what the gambling house is hiding.

Cops Are All Around the Place

Gambling establishments try to project an image of comfort and luxury as they lure you in to gamble and play numerous games. But scenarios of violence are also present, and the management will have to step in to handle these situations. Since the management cannot do it all alone, certain casinos are known to have undercover cops to do the dirty work. Yes, that’s right. There are tons of undercover cops walking around casinos pretending to be players. So be careful when you visit a casino and, more importantly, be a good kid.

Different Slot Machines

Slot MachinesCasinos are filled with slot machines that tend to look identical, and thus people don’t really believe they are not. But in reality, slot machines are different and are just made to look the same. These are not identical, and certain aspects of differences tend to widen the gap between them. Added with the intention of alluring unassuming players into the mix, these machines move ahead to do the trick, and you might also spend more than what you have earned.

Design Specs and Classic Tricks

As we mentioned earlier, aesthetics and luxury play a massive role at a casino, and they are also effectively used to allure you into the casino and keep there for a long time. Be it the games or their placement; things are always aligned to keep you gambling without having to think about the outside world. Such aspects are completed with a few tricks, and a few of those include not having clocks and designing windowless walls. As a result, you are convinced to stay within the premises and gamble according to their plan.

The Winner Grabs All the Attention

Winner GrabsWinning is a part of gambling, and the moment you win, casinos will be looking at you. Yes, you heard it right. If you happen to win a considerable sum of money, then the casino’s management will observe you to understand whether things were done in a legitimate way. If they find something suspicious, you can expect them to show up and ask all kinds of questions based on the footage they have monitored. So be careful while gambling and don’t even think about cheating.

An Inside Look: The Secrets of Casino Design

Secrets of Casino

Every ambience – be it a casino or an elegant restaurant, follows certain sets of rules and guidelines that adds a character to the place. This mainly lies behind the psychology of the place and its architecture that tends to attract millions of people from around the globe.

Psychology reminiscent of changing the minds of the people are followed by the casinos as well. The casino ambiences follow this procedure and blueprint of building casinos that it often keeps people wondering if it’s the logistics or the size of the building that drags them back. That said, the influence of the buildings’ architecture is still a topic of debate for centuries. Hence, casino owners tend to concentrate on the interior aspects of it, to keep the customers hooked to their seats.Some of these secrets and tactics are mentioned in this article, check them out!

Labyrinthine design

Craps-LiveCasinos are built with the intent to extract as much money from the customers, as possible. This means they ought to keep them hooked to their seats and play the games for a longer duration of time. They have rightly emphasized the detailing to the interiors of the building over the years- hence they dive into a straight cut design methodology. The labyrinth and sophisticated designs with extravagant lights at each corner of the casino are what keeps them glued to their seats and completely detriment. The presence of the marble flooring and the ceiling lights and many more, adds to the everyday opulence of the ambience and awestruck the people in the ambience.

Illumination of the ambience

Illumination of the ambience

Illumination means the lightning of the ambience that is believed to change or alter the psychological decisions made by the players in the ambience. According to the studies conducted on interior designing, the presence and the difference in the lighting of an ambience has an impact on the person’ choices and their physiological behaviour. Due to this, the casinos generally comprises of dim lights around the corners and the tables, but brighter lights around the rest of the ambience. This creates a homely atmosphere which retains the players in the buildings, playing and losing money to the casino establishment.

The placement of machines

placement of machinesLastly, the placement of the table games and the machines play a significant role in determining the popularity of the games. If you’ve ever entered a casino ambience before, you might have noticed that the games are placed haphazardly. This is termed explicitly as the flooring of machines that drags the players to the games. Slot machines are generally placed in the beginning because they generate significant revenue to the house when mapped to other games. The machines or the games that yield lesser profits to the floor are generally at the corners of the house. Hence, they are placed in the dark, so that people do not notice them.


4 Do’s & Don’ts Tips on How to Win at Slot

Win at Slot

Casino games have been creating a wave all across the globe through the brick-and-mortar and online structures that set up the perfect gambling space. The widespread love for casino gambling has only been sprawling with time, and slots have invariably been on the top. This immense love and acceptance can be attributed only to the simple nature of the game. Even beginners can try their luck at this game without having to learn much about it. One of the greatest advantages of slots over every other casino game is this less complex gameplay, almost easily learned by everyone.

However, winning at it isn’t as easy as pushing the button each time. The random combinations do not work in any player’s favor, so you can only hope for the best each time you set the reels spinning. Since it is all a matter of chance, you must wait for what is to come. But you can take some strategic steps into winning at slots. Here are a few tips on how you must and shouldn’t play slots to win.

1. Go for the Higher Denomination Slots

Denomination SlotsSlots have been paying out reasonably acceptable standards, and the percentage only increases when the denomination is higher. Dollar slots can have bigger payouts than the penny slots, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to be a high roller. When considering all the factors, dollar slots can provide you with a great experience but high risk. Playing such games is recommended only to those players who are ready to risk their money. Higher denomination slots aren’t for everyone.

2. Bet for the Jackpots

A percentage of the bets you place on the slot machine is added to the jackpot. Betting maximum coins will make you eligible for the jackpot sessions. If you bet less than two or three coins, chances for you to land on a jackpot through the progressive slots are low. Make sure you never settle for a game that pays you small amounts. Choosing a non-progressive game would be wiser if you cannot afford the other bets.

3. Choose the Right Game for You

Right Game for YouSlot machines are of different types, including video slots and progressive slots. You must select a game depending on your taste and playing ability. Bonuses can be withdrawn if you reach a certain point in the game, which would be possible when you are playing a session that is right for you. As you select a game from a wide range of options, you must look for the highest value and the hook factor. Try to choose games that have jackpot chances with lower requirements.

4. Play Within Your Budget

Make it a point not to cross the limit you have set for your casino gambling night expenses. Keep playing only for as long as you can afford it, and don’t hesitate to lower your bet or quit if you have hit the limit.

Effective Tips for Casino Architecture Design

Architecture Design

The casino business has a lot of potential to raise revenue and help the management achieve its goals and objectives. But the sources of revenue need not be limited to the core business alone because there are other aspects that also come into the picture. One of these aspects is design, and casino architecture design does take matters to the right extent. Designing a casino and giving it a good look will attract people to come and play games of their choice. But how will one get started on this front? Well, here are some tips to make things effective.

1. The Idea of Comfort

Idea of ComfortComfort and luxury are two aspects that customers need, and casinos should ensure that they meet such requirements. Incorporating dining areas, bars, comfortable seating, and other related aspects will uplift the design element and make things look the way they were supposed to look. Due to that, the idea of comfort needs to be broadened, and casinos should understand the importance of the same.

2. Classic Casino Tricks

Casinos follow a specific set of tricks to encourage patrons to stay within the premises and continue gambling. A few of these tricks include windowless walls and no clocks. These two tricks will eliminate the outside world and take similar thoughts away from their mind. Thanks to that, they will be focused on gambling, and that alone will be at the centre of their mind. So leave out the clocks and opt for windowless walls.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is another important aspect and follows the lines of comfort. Regardless of how big the casino is, patrons need to find quick access to games, food, beverages, and other such aspects. For this purpose, the designing of the building needs to be done in such a manner that a clear path towards these facilities is instantly available. Once you offer such services, patrons will be comfortable, and nobody will be confused about it.

4. Replacements and Durable Materials

Durable MaterialsA systematic method of replacement needs to be a part of the business plan, and everyone should look into it. In this manner, the design will never be bothered by time, and the aspect of durability will enter the scene. Not only will the casino give out a good look, but it will also establish a proper appeal. Due to that, replacing materials that have gone with time and adding durable materials to the mix is an essential part of casino architecture design.


These tips are not the only ones that promote a quality design concept. But the rest needs to come from you and your experience in casinos. So look around and be creative in your approach because it helps to a great extent.

Top 15 secrets that casinos don’t want you to know

secrets that casinos

Casinos are the places that are well-known for lending out money after the players start playing. Despite offering the constant, bonuses, payouts and jackpots, they still never run out of business. Have you ever wondered why?
House edge is one of the primary sources of their income, but apart from that, there are various secrets that the casino industry hides from their customers.

Well, of course, every industry and business has secrets that they do not want to expose to the world. In the same way, the casino industry also comprises of a few (or a lot) of secrets. In this article, we’ve jotted down 15 of those secrets, check them out!

Players being studied

This is especially true when you win significant amounts, time and again at the table or on any games on a casino floor.

The rooms

The roomsMost times, the hotel rooms aren’t full but left empty for the casino players to rest.
Psychology of sounds and lighting

The casino floors designed their ambience and interiors to divert the attention of the players.


Due to the higher rate of the house edge, almost every gambler hates to play keno.


Generally, they feel bad for losers. However, they’re not allowed to say it out loud. One of the significant ways by which you can keep the dealers under control is by tipping them regularly for them to root for your win.

Monitoring poker rooms

Monitoring poker roomsPoker rooms are generally not monitored as much as other sections of the ambience because the players are playing against one another.

Food and drinks

Most of the times, many players can find themselves winning bonus cards or free drinks or meals on the menu.
Secret eye

The security guards and the members in the ambience secretly have an eye on each player on the floor.

The warmth of the lighting

Like mentioned earlier lighting places a significant role in an ambience, and hence you cannot ignore how warm and

welcoming the illumination of the ambience makes the players feel.

No clocks

If you have ever witnessed a casino ambience, you often come across the fact that no clocks are hanging on the walls or none of the dealers wears watches on their hands.

Most games are better than the others.

The video poker reduces the house edge even though there is no guarantee of winning each time. The chance is of the game turning in your favour is highly likely.

Some are worse than others.

This is in contrast to the above point which rips you off your pocket some games like blackjack and poker offers house edge as low as 1.5% whereas the others like keno and crabs provide as high as thirty per cent.

Free classes

Some of the casinos around the world offer free classes to their regular customers and players to teach them how to play blackjack or poker and other games that have high popularity in the ambience.

Progressives slot jackpots

Majority of the progressives, slot jackpots do not payout regularly.
Edge over the house

Yes, without breaking any rules, it is possible to get an edge over the house, but it follows a lot of practice patience and tactics which can be taught in these free classes as well.

Every game comprises of a sucker bet.

This means every reaches a point where the bets are the worst, and the casinos are generally aware of this point.

How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble

Design Psychology

If you don’t already know the psychological tricks played by casinos to retain their customers in the ambience, then we are here to tell you a big secret. A casino is a fun and exciting ambience that offers a lot of money on a daily basis. But they employ specific tactics to make the customers or the players spend a lot more than what they give out to the customers. Many of these land-based establishments have designed techniques and strategies at the table, at the bar, or at the entire ambience that attacks the psychological elements of the customers.

Since the entire casino industry relies mainly on the customer’s money, they naturally stem from playing more so they can earn more. But the approach is a very tactically curated, strategic one that even the smartest people on earth cannot point their fingers at.

The strategic use of colours

strategicHave you ever bothered to notice the use of colour combinations and the interiors of a casino? Most of the casinos around the world follow a similar décor, more or less have the same interior, which has a slight difference from one another. They comprise of warm browns, velvet reds and also yellow’s in their colour combinations which portray an inviting element and also complements the illusion of attraction throughout the day. The bold colours and flooring subconsciously attract the customers to the place and keeps them gambling throughout the day.

Portraying elegance and richness

One of the main components that portray the sophistication, richness and elegance of the ambience is the use of furniture and decor items. They opt for a comfortable seat for the players so that they do not feel like getting up from their seats. The visually appealing, rich furniture which relaxes the players and attracts them, keeps them hooked to their seats.

Convenience and accommodation

Many of the land-based casinos often offer accommodation to the players who are playing overnight. This makes the players comfortable and allows them to gamble for later hours in the night.

Location plays an important role, although it is the most underrated factor in any of the business establishments. A casino that is located and the outskirts mean an escape from the reality and sort of a mini-vacation from their residents. If this does not help the people loosen up, then we don’t know what will.

Membership ideas

Membership ideasMembers who hold cards in a casino are subjected or entitled to various discounts balls rewards coupons meals. Many more the membership cards are often lent out by the casinos which is the smartest tactics of all because even if they don’t even if the customers do not want or return they’re forced to return because of their membership cards.

Casino Design: The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More


Casinos are ambiences that are a testament for sophistication and lavishness. These magnetic places follow some great designs and architecture. Over time the traditional designs of a casino have changed drastically that today it is an epitome of modern-day architecture and contemporary designs that many of the world’s popular casinos have incorporated.

Anyone who has entered a casino before is aware of this lavishness and sophistication. The magnetic nature of such places is what attracts millions and millions of customers from across the globe every year.

These designs and ambiences are not done to attract the customers, but it’s a tactic to retain the old customers and enhance their mentality to spend more on the games.

We will provide a brief explanation of the sneaky tricks that are employed by the casinos to make you spend more amount of money while at their ambience.

Playing with chips

Playing with chipsBy chips, we mean the poker tokens or the credits or they’re also called the poker chips. We often come across casino ambience that makes use of these poker chips instead of dealing with real money. This especially happens in a game of cards or the game of poker. It is one of the main tricks that is followed by the casino’s to create an illusion of not losing money.

The colourful chips are often a misguided aspect to the people, which makes them think that they are winning more while they are losing their money. Hence, people that are playing poker or blackjack often tend to invest more money in each hand because they are not directly dealing with their cash.

The concept of placement

concept of placementHave you ever entered a casino and wondered why the slot machines are placed at the corners, and some are placed right at the entrance? While some video poker machines are placed next to the blackjack tables, the poker rooms are separately fashioned at the corner position in a casino. This is generally employed to create a maze-like pattern inside the ambience, to catch the players’ attention and prevent them from walking out quickly. For instance, if you’re bored with the slot machines present at the corner of the room and you decide to leave the ambience. But in the way you find a video poker machine or a blackjack table that looks interesting, then you’ll be called to play a game or two. This is the tactic that has followed by the casino ambience and 90% of the time players often fall prey to such tactics.

Illumination of the ambience

According to different studies that are conducted based on the lighting of an ambience in general, it affects the physiological decisions that are catered by the mind. The same physiology is applied in the casinos as well where the. Casinos put the utmost concentration in dimming the lights and creating a homely atmosphere so that the customers stick around for a longer duration of time and lose their money to the management.